Cheri's Angels


This month, Cheri's Angels is raising money for Linda's Kids Academy in order that they may build a lunchroom. Linda's Kids Academy is located in Kenya 
where children would not be able to receive an education if it were not for this amazing institution. This school currently accommodates 45 preschoolers who are 
on track to graduate this coming November. These young pupils are academically at the third-grade level though they have not entered first grade yet, not to 
mention they have scored well above other kids in nearby schools.

Currently, there is a tiny kitchen for the academy's cook. She only uses two pots filled with charcoal to cook with while the children eat outside. However, when it rains or the weather is too chilly, the children are moved into a small space to eat in. The ongoing goal of Linda's Kids Academy 
is to construct an indoor lunchroom which can double as a classroom when more kids are accepted. The cost of the lunchroom is around $12,000. Only 20% of the money has been raised, so I am hoping that Cheri's Angels can help raise the remaining funds to aid Linda's Kids Academy in constructing their lunchroom. 

To learn more about Linda's Kids Academy, visit the link below:

I will be kick-starting this campaign by donating $100 of my own money!

You can donate through our website at the link below or send us a check. 
Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated. Remember, YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!